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Before drawing a brand for a company, we have to think about how that entity will be presented to its audience. We are talking about tone of voice, beliefs and values, the mission and purpose of the company. The role of the brand is precisely to pass those ideas to its audience. Your brand is the first message that will convey the image of your business.

However, a brand is not limited to a name, a logo, a product or a website. The brand is much larger than that, and encompasses issues that are intangible and complex to define and manage.

This complexity refers to the planning of a marketing platform that is consistent across all points of contact and phases of your sales funnel.

Creative Design

We work with talent and aesthetic sense allied to the business. The image of a small business can and should have the subtle and attractive quality that large companies have.

Whether in graphic design or digital design, the Broseghini Brand offers a creative and fresh service. If your image is modern or classic, it will be conceived with high standard aesthetic criteria and always considering the due viability of production.

Our briefing methodology is extremely efficient and helps in capturing the ideas of customers according to the business needs.

Product Development

Some clients come to us with an idea in their heads. Our function is to put this idea to the test and check its viability, to minimize the risks of launching the product or service.

In some cases, even before the idea, customers look for us to help them identify and exploit market opportunities. In these cases we establish a complete product development process, which goes through the evaluation of the strategy, the business, the market, the required technologies, idea generation, selection, prototypes, project management, development and market launch.

This methodological and organized system guarantees that the investments will be optimized and that the market success rates are higher.

Social Media

In an increasingly connected world, the vast majority of people participate in various social networks to exchange information and maintain relationships with friends and family. In this process, many data are available and many companies take this opportunity to get to know their audience better. In addition, companies create links with these audiences, establishing frequent communication and a relationship of trust.

This initiative is relatively simple and low cost. This means that any small business can use social networks to interact with its customers and generate leads and sales.

Working efficiently in social networks in a clear and strategic way allows small businesses to achieve profits beyond traditional means of communication.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

So that you are not familiar with terminology, SEO means Search Engine Optimization, which deals with specific content writing and code development techniques so that your website is more easily found, qualified and better ranked by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo , etc

Despite "transparent," it is an extremely important job and is considered a strong sales and communication strategy, to the extent that these techniques promote the increase of new visitor traffic on your website.

When starting a website project, it is essential to have the SEO concepts and tools ready to prepare your online channel efficiently.

Web Development

Nowadays all businesses need to have a web page. This online presence is a great way to expose your brand, its products and services. For this, Broseghini Brand Strategy works with the development of web systems and implementation of CMS (content management system) to place your website at the service of your business, either as a communication channel or a sales channel.

We work with servers in the cloud (Cloud Computing), hosted in modern and secure datacenters.

For small entrepreneurs in the initial phase of activity, we have a variety of pre-developed system modules that accelerate the process of implementing your website and decrease the acquisition cost.

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